Yumi Ishiyama Yumi is a fifteen-year-old girl of Japanese decent. She has black short hair, and favors black clothing. She is one year older than the other Lyoko Warriors, with the exception of William, who is the same age as her. She is a day student at Kadic but lives nearby so she is in close contact with her friends.

She is voiced by Lily 'Rikobi' Nesbitt in Code Lyoko: Rebirth.


In the normal world, Yumi wears black clothing on a daily basis, she prefers to wear Dr. Marten style combat boots and skinny jeans, making her seem like the tomboy type.

When on Lyoko, Yumi's outfit consists of a dark pink bodysuit with light pink details on the shoulders and torso, mimicking that of a traditional Kimono.

Weapons and Abilities

Her main weapons are two, razor-sharp Tessen fans that she throws like boomerangs that can slice through anything, and being used as shields against lasers. Newly upgraded and modified by Jeremie, her fans are now capable of being thrown longer distances and longer attack-range, lock-on and homing abilities as well as the ability to strike unexpectedly at different angles. Their digital improvements make them attracted to lasers, making even more effective as shields. Her newest weapon is a long bo-staff, which indicates that she has some skill in bojutsu.

Her special abilities include exceptionally strong telekinesis; enabling Yumi to move and control several objects or people on Lyoko using her mind. With her greatly enhanced telekinetic abilities, she is much more relaxed while utilizing this ability and can control multiple objects at once, and erect force-fields out of pure telekinetic energy around herself and her fellow warriors for protection.